20 February 2020

PRP Therapy ?

PRP, which means ‘’Praletet Rich Plasma’’, means ‘’ Thrombocytic Rich Plasma’’ in Turkish. PRP is applied by activating the cell regenerative platelets and injecting them under 13.5ml of blood drawn from the person.

According to the researhes, increasing the amount of platelets in the blood naturally increases the rate of cell renewal due to the healing of blood.

PRP technic can be applied before and after the hair transplantation to people who have hair loss and who want to make their hair boost. There is also a ‘’PRP Supported FUE Hair Transplant Operation’’ carried out during the hair transplant operation.

PRP draws its strength from the body’s self-renewal process.

In the area where the PRP is injected, there is a feeling that there is a wound that needs urgent treatment. Activated with this feeling, the body begins to renew its cells. This method, supplied the renewal of cells when applied to skin, enables the hair to be fed and strengthened quickly and effectively When applied to the hair follicles. This is the body’s self-healing and self-perpetuation process.


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