29 February 2020

What is Head Lice and its Infestation?

Lice are parasites that live parasitically in the body of humans and mammals. The pieces of skin that break off to live and multiply are fed with oil released from the skin and sometimes blood. A full-grown louse’size is about to a sesame seed. It prefers warm places on the scalp, antitragus or base of the nack to live. It can live only 48 hours outside the human body.

Lice have a feature like jumping and they pass easily from head to head via close contact. Generally, school-age children may experience lice problems. Even a little approach to a person with a head lice is enough for infestating lice. It may also be infested by common use of items such as hats, shawls, pillows, combs, hairbrushes and clasps, or by hanging clothes next to each other in the closet.


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